Moving With a Pet into Your Rental Home

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Whenever there is moving involved, people consider it no less than a chore that also calls for careful planning and execution. Added to this chore, to ensure that pets too fare well calls for extra planning which can often be stressful for all the parties involved. The very first step in moving with a pet into a rental place is finding a pet friendly place, which is easier said than done. It calls for more time, organization, persuading skills and limits overall options available for renting. However, there are certain flats on rent in Pune, which are pet friendly. Understand that working with a pet friendly landowner is going to make the whole process less stressful for both the tenant and the pet.
Always remember that it is best to be upfront about the pet and one can prove about the pet’s behavior through paper work, which would also include vaccination details. Best is if one can provide references from past property owners, neighbors and vets, and even obedience trainers about their positive experience with the pet involved. When booking the flat or apartment, it is best to look for housing, which would come with fenced yard, a neighborhood that has plenty of walking options or best a dog park. It is best to avoid renting homes that are on heavily trafficked roads.
Moving in with pets
Moving with pets isn’t always as easy as a walk in the park. As with kids multiple things needs to be considered before boarding the plane or car to head to your next destination. Depending on the distance, there may be the need of a pet carrier for the transportation of the pet. If that is the case, the pet should be comfortable travelling in that, therefore ensure that the pet is calm about the fact. This also avoids trauma for the pet.
If there is plane travelling involved, it is best to double check on the travel policies of the airline services. Restrictions and conditions should also be checked before making any reservations. If needed be, the vet can be consulted to provide sedatives for more comfortable travel. The cat or the dog should also be groomed before the trip.
Once these preparations have been taken, on the moving day, it might be stressful for everyone involved and pets being pets pick up on the high levels of energy in the air. Therefore, it is best to keep calm and stick to the normal routine, not changing any voice or body language in any form. Affection and praise assures the pet that nothing bad is happening or going to happen. Supply the pet with food, water, favorite toy and the crate if there is one.
Once the pet has arrived, despite allowance of pets in metropolitan cities where flats on rent in Pune, Mumbai and Gurgaon getting used to a new area can be unsettling and disturbing. Wait and restrict the pet in one room till everything has moved in and there can be some form of order which is beginning to settle down. Once the pet has arrived, ensure to keep everything ready on their arrival, food, water and favorite toys.

Once this has been done, the pet can be released to explore. Familiarity through food, water bowls and favorite toys will help settle down. Begin arranging for the pet also when arranging your rented house. Thoughtful preparation can make the experience better for both the pet and family members.

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