Terrace Garden Ideas For Your Home

Terrace Garden

The terrace garden is one of many ways to lead a healthier and greener life and it is a great opportunity for people with bigger spaces. 

Basic Requirements For Terrace Gardening

You will need to have it before starting with your own terrace garden. 

1) Space

2) Nutrient-Rich Soil

3) Adequate Sunlight

4) Water Source

5) Vegetable Seeds

6) Herb Seeds

7) Flower Seeds

8) Containers/Pots

Terrace Garden Ideas For Home

Container Kitchen Garden

Container kitchen gardens are of the best terrace garden ideas for beginners and they are easier to manage.


Place pots on the ground, on a pedestal, or on the stairways leading to your rooftop to give your terrace a distinct accent for a thriving kitchen garden. Your plants will need 6 to 8 hrs of direct sunlight.


It's always better to have bigger containers to promote the growth of strong roots in plants.

Types of Containers

There is a range of containers you can choose from 

1) Terrace cotta pots

2) Grow Bags

3) Plastic Containers

Terrace Garden

Vertical Wall Garden

Two types of vertical wall garden systems -

1) Vertical Container Garden Systems

2) Climbing Plant Support Systems

Vertical Container Garden Systems

Tower Gardens

This is a layered structure on which pot planters/grow bags are kept. It can be wooden, plastic, or metallic.

Hanging Gardens

Hanging gardens make for a beautiful view. The best thing about the hanging garden is that one can have flowers or vines hanging from the pots to give the terrace a surreal look.

Green Wall

Plant perennial vines to grow on the wall. This way, the clinging vines will dress your wall in green.

Ladder Shelving

A simple way to have a vertical garden is to put ladders against the wall and place plants on them.

Climbing Plant Support Systems


A trellis is a structure that supports plants and you could use a fence as a trellis for growing vegetables like peas.


Terraces can have arbors so plants can climb onto them and give them an attractive look.


Pyramid-shaped vertical growing systems are called obelisks. 

Vegetable Garden

With red tomato, white radish, green okra, and yellow chilies, your terrace is given to be a colorful canvas.

Herb Garden

You could have your terrace or an area in your terrace dedicated only to herbs by planting fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, lemongrass, and more.

Terrace Garden

Advantages of having a Terrace Garden

1. A terrace garden or roof garden can help regulate the heat in the building, lowering under temperatures.

2. Terrace gardens can act as great insulators for your building during different seasons.

3. You have more control to populate your garden (especially in terms of using pesticides and harmful chemicals).

4. Helps you stay active (a fair share of physical work)

5. Can help reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Disadvantages of Having a Terrace Garden

1. It can be expensive to construct and maintain (especially if you have a large area).

2. Might lead to erosion and water damage.

3. Can lead to excessive water accumulation without a proper rainwater harvesting system.

4. Maintaining a terrace garden can be a lot of work and time-consuming.

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