7 Tips for Maximizing Storage Space in a Tiny Kitchen

Tiny Kitchen

Kitchen is a room or area that is used for cooking and food preparation. A residential kitchen is typically equipped with a stove, a sink with hot and cold running water, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, other electric appliances, and kitchen cabinets. But in a tiny kitchen, arrangement of all things is difficult if you don’t settle everything systematic. This article describes you how to maximize storage space in a tiny kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

1.     Don’t Overload Your Cabinets

Place snacks on the bottom shelf, while breakfast foods and sweets on the second shelf and the third is left empty for the inevitable overflow.

Kitchen Appliances

2.     Display What You Want

You can’t put away everything so you can add appliances that go with the overall look of your kitchen and also try to create extra storage.


Cutting Boards

3.     Arrange Your Cutting Boards

To arrange your heavy serving platters, cutting boards and trays because it screws into the bottom of the cabinet and won’t twitch as you pull them in and out.

Kitchen Clear Containers 

4.     Use Transparent Containers

Items that always keep on hand are best stored in clear containers – this way you can check when you’re running short and add them to your buying list.


5.     Look Up

By adding extra shelves for dinnerware, exchange a previously wasted wall into a handy storage area for dinnertime favorites.


Kitchen Drawer Organizer

6.     Use a Drawer Organizer

Use wooden caddies to help organize your utensil drawer and settle your spoons and forks together so you can fit in as many as possible.

Reuse Furniture 

7.     Reuse Furniture

Not only reusing furniture affordable but it can also help you stay organized.

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