The Best Vastu Colors For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Colors, Kitchen Colours, Best Kitchen Colors

Kitchen Colors according to Vastu -

1) The kitchen represents the fire element so it's good to go for bright, vibrant wall colors. Try fiery red and orange colors.

2) Yellow is a good choice for your kitchen as it is cherry and positive.
3) Light pink and peach also work well in the kitchen. As per vastu, these colors signify warmth and deep love.

Kitchen Colours, Kitchen Colors,

4) Light brown is another great choice for the kitchen. According to vastu, the color symbolizes stability and strength.

5) Lemon yellow, orange or green are a good option. These colors describe freshness, positivity, good health and prosperity.

6) Ceramic tiles, mosaic or marble are the best flooring options for your kitchen, according to vastu. so keep the flooring color neutral with shades such as white, pale light brown and so on.

Kitchen Colors, Kitchen Colours

7) Vastu Shastra recommends using natural stones such as quartz or granite. As per vastu,green is the ideal color for countertops, besides yellow and orange.

Vastu approved kitchen colours are 

a) Orange (Courage, Optimism)

b) White (Increase Brightness)

c) Green (the colour of harmony)

Kitchen Colors, Best Kitchen Colors

d) Yellow (freshness)

e) Pink (Togetherness)

f) Chocolate Brown (Warmth)

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