How Much Money Does A Home Stager Make?

What is home staging?

Before anything else let us first know a little about home staging. You will rarely find a perfectly arranged house on a normal day but when it’s come to selling a house you will find houses where everything is perfectly aligned. Home staging is the act of setting up a property available to be purchased. The whole reason for home staging is to influence the living arrangement to show up as alluring and engaging as conceivable to potential buyers. The reason for home staging is basic – homes that are organized sell quicker than homes that aren't, by and large. A few investigations have appeared staged homes additionally sell for more than unstaged homes. Professionals like Houston Home Stagers declutters and organizes your home to make it ready for the potential buyers.

How Much Money Does A Home Stager Make?

Education required

In fact, there are no strict training necessities for beginning a home staging profession. However, a sound comprehension of what points make a home engaging is vital for home staging. Along these lines, those inspired by home staging careers ought to think of some as kind of formal training. Specific courses and testament programs are additionally accessible for those keen on home staging professions. These projects normally take anyplace from a couple of days to half a month to finish. Rather than simply taking these essential courses, be that as it may, genuine home stagers might need to consider acquiring school degrees. Interior designer degree projects will frequently enable you to get familiar with the basics of inside plan and brightening. This will regularly incorporate courses in colour plans, furniture arrangement, and fundamental home design. Some home stagers may work to sell real estate just as preparing homes for showings. This typically requires an extra real estate degree.


Generally, home stagers are able to find employment in different fields. For instance, some home stagers may work for a big real estate company, staging homes before they are up for sale. Even a home construction company or a  modular home manufacturer employ home stagers as home stagers are responsible for preparing and decorating newly constructed homes and modular homes for potential buyers to look at. A home stager may also work on his/her own, especially if they have gained experience and expertise in this arena. Coming to the important part of home staging career, how much exactly a home stager makes? the salaries of different home stagers vary according to their professional skill and experience. The earning of a home stager is also majorly influenced by the location where they work. It may be possible that a home stager working in rural areas may earn little less than the one working for the urban population. Defining the earning of a home stager is a difficult task as statistics also not record specific salary data. However, it is estimated that a home stager earns $25-$150 per hour for their services. Yearly they may earn from $5000 to six figure salary.

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