9 New Developments in Indian Railways

The nine new developments in Indian Railways.

1) Deen Dayalu Coaches

To improve the travelling experience in general class, Railway roll out its first modern unreserved coach Deen Dayalu with lots of facilities like potable drinking water, mobile charging points and bio-toilets to be used in mail and express trains.

2) Executive Lounges

IRCTC have collaborated with ssp catering India to set up a 5 star waiting lounges for the passengers at NDLS.

IRCTC's executive lounges has tied up with Leela Palace and other hotels & travel working sites at a reasonable price.

3) Gatimaan Express

Heralding a new era of semi-high speed trains (also called Gatimaan Express) which will cover the 200 km distance between Delhi and Agra in 100 minutes.

Trains are equipped with a 5,500 HP electric locomotive, 2 executive AC chair cars and 8 AC chair car coaches with a high power breaking system, automatic fire alarm, GPS- based passenger information system and sliding doors in the coaches.

4) CNG Train

The first CNG train was launched on the Rewari-Rohtak section of Northern Zone.

CNG Train will reduce a green house gas emission by the railways and also the consumption of diesel. Indian Railways have modified the 1,400 HP engine to run on dual fuel-diesel and CNG-through fumigation technology.

5) Privatization of Catering in Trains

Start up like TravelKhana, A Noida based start up is striving to ensure that train passengers get to eat the food of their liking and from restaurants of their choosing.

6) Talgo: A Step Towards Bullet Train Dreams

The Indian Railways introduced Spanish Talgo, a light train consuming 30 percent less energy and the train consists of 2 executive class cars, 4 chair cars, a cafeteria, a power car and a tail-end for staff and equipment.

7) Operation Five Minutes

The operation augment services at stations to bring down the maximum time taken for buying a ticket at counters to 5 minutes.

8) Project Nilgiri

Indian Railways have collaborated Google to came up with project Nilgiri.

The project aims to set up wifi hotspots at around 400 railway stations in India. Passengers may get facility for free after mobile number verification through a one-time password sent over sms.

9) Bio Toilets 

The Railway has set a target to install bio toilets in all coaches to ensure the entire rail network as zero discharge zone by 2019.

  source: economictimes.indiatimes.com 

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