Snacks That Are Fat Burner!

Snacks that come with right ratio of nutrients and calories helps keep you energized and lose weight. Exercise and protein team together to promote lean muscle mass, increase calorie burn and boosts metabolic rate. Here are few recipes that are even good for fat loss.
Miso Glazed Tofu
This can be used as main course too, however it is light in calories i.e. only 164 only and it’s best for midday snacking with 12 g of protein and 3 g of fiber.
A cup of it or boiled soybeans has 8 g or fiber, 17 g of protein and 189 calories. It is a perfect snack for cold and hot season.


Chicken Sandwich In Pita

There isn’t any reason behind eating smaller portions of whole food. Usually the balanced and healthiest snacks are those that can be considered as complete meals such as half sandwich and last night leftover. Whip a chicken in veggie pita and split it into half to make two snack servings. Each contains 200 calories, 20 g protein and 3 g of fiber.
Cauliflower in White Bean Dip
Make batch of roasted garlic dip and white bean and spread it on crackers to eat it with veggies. Pair up a quarter cup serving with 2 cups raw chopped cauliflower. It has 11 g of protein, 8 g of fiber and it has only 199 calories.
Pear And Walnut Spread on A Toast
Split this breakfast recipe into half and have the remaining one for mid day snack with 200 calories, 11 g of protein and 3.5 g of fiber. It will help to prepare your body to burn fat, as well as it boost your energy level so you can easily go to gym. Walnuts are full of serotonin hormone that helps to produce good feeling chemicals in brain.

Tomatoes in Lentil Salad with Water Cress
Salads are not only for meal time, especially when they have 200 calories they are the best afternoon snack. This one offer 8 g of fiber, 11 g of protein and a super food like lentil and ample of veggies.


Protein bar

While choosing energy bars, choose that offer less than 200 calories, 10 g of protein and at least 5 g fiber.

Veggie tostata

With this Mexican style food you cannot be wrong if you take black beans with veggies. This is a quick recipe and suits perfectly for mini-meal between lunch and dinner. At only 200 calories you get 10.5 g of fiber and 13 g of protein. To add some fat free flavor spread some tomato salsa on it. Here you will find more tips with John barban venus factor program

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