Health and Astrological Benefits of Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst gemstone offers good benefits for health and mind and this gem provides similar benefits as tourmaline, such as the far-infrared radiation and negative ion emission.

Amethyst is the rarest form of quartz and its a fairly hard gem has six sides and can be found all across the globe.

The crystals have been used for a variety of health issues throughout the ages, staring from alcohol addiction, sleep disorder and pain to mental dysfunction.

The following health benefits for the human body by Amethyst gemstone.

1) Cell regeneration

2) Sleep support

3) Blood Circulation

4) Fluid Motility

5) Mood support

6) Antioxidant activity

7) Wound support

8) Bacteria fighter

9) Removing Toxic Particles 

10) Respiratory support

11) Removing Aerosol

Astrological benefits from Amethyst gemstone

1) Amethyst helps amazing in overcoming alcohol addiction.

2) This gemstone is the alternative of blue sapphire gemstone and has the astrological powers of Saturn. Saturn rules over the sign of Aquarius and Capricorn and anyone can wear the amethyst gemstone after the proper analysis of their birth chart.

3) It helps in meditation and enhancing the inner quality, directly impact to crown chakra.

4) In general it is considered as the February birthstone as per astrology Amethyst is a healing gemstone that helps in breaking negative life patterns.

5) The amethyst gemstone is used in curing stomach pain and back pain in China.

6) This gemstone has tremendous spiritual value and keep in balancing of chakras.

7) It helps in controlling inferiority complex.

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