Interview with Dan Hughes From London : Journey of a Musician

Today we are going to introduce the successful London based musician Dan Hughes, the founder of Dan Hughes Music ( Interview is a great way to know the person, his career, life journey and achievements.

Dan Hughes 

Interview with Dan Hughes

11)    Please tell about yourself?
Ans - My name is Dan Hughes and i live in the midlands in the UK. i play in a three piece jam band called DHT we play lots of gigs all around midlands and sometimes in Eurpoe also... 

22)    Tell about your music life?
Ans -  I picked up the guitar when i was 12 my father was professional musician also i played in bands as a teenager started writing songs that way, because my family was musicial there was always music around the house. When i was 16 i audtioned for a music college in brighton and got a place i stayed there for 2 years and was lucky enough to get some lessons off some truly world class players. After i left music college i played in bands for a while it didn't work out so moved back to the Midlands where i played solo gigs then by doing lots of gigs i met Paul and Bob we started jamming together then it went from there really.

Dan Hughes with Bob Dabrowski

33)    We want to know your hobbies?
Ans - Playing in DHT and music is big part of my life but i also enjoy doing normal things that most people like to do meeting up with friends doing sport etc.

44)    We know you are a musician, singer, songwriter, tell how to manage all these things?
Ans- Well everyday that i wake up i try and improve  on these three things everyday listen to new people just play music and try and improve no matter how big or small oh and enjoy what i do make it fun.

55)    How much time do you spend on social media?
       Ans - To be honest, probably too much. But i think most people do it’s such an important tool in everyday life now.

Dan Hughes with Paul Wilson

66)    Tell more about your team “DHT”
Ans - Well the DHT team is a family we are very close friends we all work together for the greater good! The team involves  Myself, Bob Dabrowski, Paul Wilson and Rajesh panda( Boss of Panda Records) but the team always growing with the people that have been following our music from all the world Europe, Asia, Americas and also Africa it’s amazing really and we love all the support we get.

Dan Hughes With Bob Dabrowski and Paul Wilson

77)    You will release a new album; can you tell something more on this?
Ans - Yes! The past year we have been busy writing, recording, mixing and mastering is first Studio recording. We have done all the work ourselves at our home studios, as a CD we are very produce of it and we will be looking forward to sharing it to as many people as possible! We are hoping that the official realise will be   out on February 8th.

88)    Your message for our readers
       Ans- My message is please keep following and listening to our music if we come to play near you come and see us it will be great to see you guys! And we wish you a great year ahead.

Dan Hughes

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