18 Jan 2016

CREDAI ODISHA Property Expo, 21st to 24th Jan 2016 at Bhubaneswar

CREDAI ODISHA Property Expo will be held on 21st to 24th January 2016 at Janata Maidan, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. This expo is presented by State Bank of India (The banker to every Indian).

Facebook - www.facebook.com/credaiodisha

Twitter - https://twitter.com/credaiodisha

YouTube - www.youtube.com/credaiodisha

Event Marketing and Management - Red Carpet Entertainment

Digital Partners - Odiaone

Home Solution Partner - StyLive

Preferred Partner - GreatWhite Electricals

Event Production - Tatwa Productions

Print Partner - Sambad

Radio Partner - 92.7 big FM

Outdoor Partner - Torrent Advertisers

For more queries - Contact at 9078071200 / credaiorissa@gmail.com

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