Interview with Fabiana Ferrara (Blogger & Writer) : Journey of an Italian Blogger

Today we are going to introduce the successful fashion blogger Fabiana Ferrara, the founder of  Interview is a great way to know the person, her career, life journey and achievements.

Interview with Fabiana Ferrara

1) Please tell about yourself?
I am a Italian blogger, although I do not usually label myself in this way. 

I am a very simple girl, graduated in art and who leads a very quiet life. 

From an early age I have always been very unsatisfied and unsure of my figure, so I started to get closer to the world of beauty and to inform myself as much as possible.

Currently, beauty is one of my major interests, and a year and a half ago, after have reflected a lot, I decided to create a blog MollyFF where I write about beauty, make up and not only.

2) How to get an idea to make your own blog?
The idea to make a blog was born from the desire to put myself in the game, to share my thoughts and knowledge with people who have the same interests.

3) Can blogging is a good career option, what is your view?
My opinion is blogging could be a good career option. For many girls it was so, but it's not always easy to make a career in this way, so I think that there is no need to put everything on blogging. Personally I live blogging as a pleasant hobby.

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4) Which are your favorite blogs?
Around there are surely many interesting blogs, but honestly I haven no particular favorite blog.

5) How much time do you spend for your blog daily?
I spend for my blog about an hour and a half daily.

6) How much time you spend on social media for your blog?
It depends.. approximately half hour / 1 h per day.

7) Tell more about you like your hobbies, passion, experiences
Beauty is not my only interest. I have always been a lover of art and everything that can excite. When I have time I like to devote myself also in painting canvases, drawing or trying new artistic techniques.

In addition, as Italian, one of my passions is food, I have a little complicated relationship with it. I love to eat but unfortunately I can't do it forever.

8) Your message for our readers
It’s always good to know how to take care of our appearance in order to look our best, even if beauty it’s not everything.

The best thing is to accept yourself and to like how you are, even if not everyone is able to do this, I'm still working on it. We have to dig deeper and find the beauty in our mind, not only esthetically..
Beauty is not only constituted by appearance, but also by the content. The combination of these two things is worthy to be called Beauty, the real one .
This is a concept that was always taught by my parents, but I learned that just maturing.


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