12 easy-to-follow posture correction tips

Walk up straight! trust your parents when they says it. In fact, it is a very good advice for all age groups. If you are suffering back pain, shoulder pain, headache, neck pain, it indicates poor posture. so here's your guide for correct posture.

1) You strengthen your bone by maintaining the right posture
Keeping your spine straight while standing, sitting, walking or even lifting any object Practicing the correct way to stand, sit and walk will boost your mental and physical health too.

2) Slouching is too bad for your back health

3) Make regular movements to correct your back

4) Check if you are sitting on the right chair

5) Take small breaks every half hour

6) Have a firm footing while lifting an object

7) Take a walk to better bone density

8) Check your body weight on a daily basis

9) Good exposure to sunlight and foods rich in vitamin D

10) Do some exercises everyday to improve your body posture.

11) While sleeping , use firm mattress

12) Avoid excess intake of alcohol, cigarettes

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