Cops go shopping with goon, suspended

Allowing a prisoner to buy them shoes got some cops the boot on Friday. Six Delhi Armed Police cops and five Agra cops, who went shoe-shopping with gangster and carjacker Manoj Bakkarwala on their way to a court hearing, have been suspended.

The cops entered a shoe showroom in Agra and let the Tihar inmate, who is fighting several cases of kidnapping and murder, order a dozen shoes for himself and his escorts.

The owner of the showroom, seeing the bizarre sight of a handcuffed criminal shopping with policemen, informed friends in the media. Policemen from Delhi, sensing that trouble was  brewing, quietly withdrew into the car provided for the criminal's safe transport to a district court while the Agra policemen stayed on.

Bakkarwala heads a gang of vehicle thieves operating in several states and has more than 300 cases of theft in his name.

He has outsmarted policemen in the past, escaping on three occasions. Delhi Police had brought Bakkarwala to Agra on Thursday for a court hearing on murders that occurred in Agra's Jagdishpura in 2010, SSP Agra Rajesh Modak Told TOI.

Bakkarwala has allegedly killed members of his girlfriend's husband's family in Jagdishpura, Modak Said.

The hearing ended at around 11.30 am. The policemen then took him to a shoe showroom near Anjana Talkies. he was escorted back to Delhi by train at 1.30 pm. 

The incident has caused major embarrassment for the Delhi Armed Police, already under pressure for its handling of Tuesday's clash inside a jail van tht led to the death of two inmates.

Bakkarwala is onot just any other vehicle thief. His driving skills are said to be extraordinary and he is known for his flamboyant lifestyle, sources said.

He is choosy about the cars he robs, dealing only in SUVs that cost over Rs 10 lakh. He also chooses holiday resorts as hideouts. HIs T-shirts are all priced above Rs 2,000 and he wears jeans that cost anywhere between Rs 4,000 and Rs 10,000 added.

Thursday's incident is not the only case of escort officers falling for shopping offers. Paras Vikram - killed in Tuesday's gang war- had escaped three years ago when policemen escorting him to New Delhi railway station for the trip back to a Punjab jail agreed to stop at a Reebok showroom so he could buy them clothes.

source: The Times of India

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