16 Jun 2015

Top 10 Successful and Professional Female Bloggers in India

Blogging is a hobby for many people in the world. If you are sure about blogging no doubt you may be popular and earn handsome amount of money. Today this post includes the list of top 10 successful and professional female bloggers in India.

Top 10 Successful and Professional Female Bloggers in India

1) Jane Sheeba

Blog Name - www.probloggingsuccess.com

Topics - Blogging tips, Social Media tips, Make Money Online

Year of Start - 2007

Education - Doctorate degree in Medical Physics

Alexa Rank (Global) - 75,116

Rank in India - 9,490

2) Harleena Singh

Blog Name - www.aha-how.com

Topics - Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, Relationship, Motivational Writing

Profession - Professional Female Blogger, Guest Author

Alexa Rank (Global) - 24,396

Rank in India - 2,820

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3) Shiwangi Shrivastava

Blog Name - www.pensitdown.com

Year of Start - 2013

Topics - Technology, Mobile Accessories, Social media tips

Education - Graduate in Literature, Diploma in Fashion Design

Alexa Rank (Global) - 347,106

Rank in India - 37,890

4) Chitraparna Sinha

Blog Name - www.socialvani.com

Profession - Professional Female Blogger, Freelance Content Developer, Freelance Specialist, E-book Writer, Content Manager, The Founder of Esmeen Network

Alexa Rank (Global) - 319,041

Rank in India - 77,905

5) Nirmala Santhakumar

Blog Name - www.mymagicfundas.com

Topics - Social Media tips, Blogging tips, Make Money Online

Profession - Part-time Blogger, Professional Female Blogger

Alexa Rank (Global) - 60,773

Rank in India - 8,526

6) Shalu Sharma

Blog Name - www.shalusharma.com

Native Place - Patna, Bihar, India

Topics - Travel tips, Travel books, Traveler stories

Profession - Travel Blogger, Professional Female Blogger

Alexa Rank (Global) - 128,070

Rank in India - 15,092

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7) Shraddha Sharma

Blog Name - www.yourstory.com

Topics - Indian startups, Entrepreneurs / Founders stories, Business ideas, Product and App reviews

Profession - Work for Times of India and CNBC, Professional Female Blogger

Alexa Rank (Global) - 3,130

Rank in India - 264

8) Malini Agarwal

Blog Name - www.mismalini.com

Profession - Radio Jockey, Anchor, Professional blogger

Alexa Rank (Global) - 9,835,448

9) Lasya K Elzibeth

source - alltop9.com

Blog Name - www.alltop9.com

Profession - Professional Female Blogger, Founder of Lasyak.com

Topics - Google Adsense, SEO, Social Media

Alexa Rank (Global) - 36,128

Rank in India - 3,124

10) Jyoti Chauhan

Blog Name - www.updateland.com

Topics - SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Tech news, Make Money Online, Wordpress

Education - BCA 

Alexa Rank (Global) - 29,181

Rank in India - 2,625

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