14 Jun 2015

Top 10 Professional Female Bloggers in the World

People love to make career in blogging because through blogging you can make handsome money from your home or other places. This post describes the list of top 10 professional female bloggers in the world.

Top 10 Professional Female Bloggers in the World

1) Ree Drummond

Blog Name - www.thepioneerwoman.com

Year of Start - 2006

Topics - Cooking, Home and Garden, Schooling, Lifestyle, Entertainment

Profession - Professional Award-winning Blogger, Professional Photographer

Alexa Rank (Global) - 7,013

Rank in US - 1,738

2) Ann Smarty

Blog Name - www.myblogguest.com

Year of Start - 2009

Profession - SEO Freelancer, Professional Blogger, Director of Media @BlueGlass, Editor in Chief at SEJ (Search Engine Journal), Guest Blogger at Mashable, Co-founder of www.viralcontentbuzz.com

Alexa Rank (Global) - 37,742

3) Ana Haffman

Blog Name - www.trafficgenerationcafe.com

Year of Start - 2011

Topics - Traffic generation tips, SEO and Link building methods

Profession - Professional Blogger, Guest Blogger

Alexa Rank (Global) - 41,892

4) Michelle Malkin

Blog Name - www.michellemalkin.com

Topics - Education, Politics, Fun

Profession - Professional Blogger, American Politician, Commentator, Author, A Guest on C-SPANE, FOX News and National Radio program in 2004

Year of Start - 2004

Alexa Rank (Global) - 100,966

Rank in US - 16,656

5) Heather Armstrong

Blog Name - www.dooce.com

Topics - Books, Cars, Internet, Electronic Accessories

Profession - American Blogger, Professional Female Blogger

Alexa Rank (Global) - 50,940

Rank in US - 14,404

6) Penelope Trunk

Blog Name - www.penelopetrunk.com

Profession - American Blogger, Author, Business Woman, CEO of Brazen Careerist, Co-founder of Quistic

Topics - Career, Education, Counselling, Coaching

Alexa Rank (Global) - 53,064

Rank in US - 23,930

7) Rosalind Gardner

Blog Name - www.netprofitstoday.com

Topics - News, Make Money Online, Blog Tips, Affiliate Marketing Tips

Profession - Professional Blogger, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Affiliate Marketing Trainer

Alexa Rank (Global) - 182, 961

8) Kristi Hines

Blog Name - www.kilolani.com

Topics - Blogging Tips, Social Media Tips, Unique information's for newbie bloggers

Interest - Photography, Writing, Motivation, Self Improvement 

Profession - Internet Marketing Expert, Professional Blogger

Alexa Rank (Global) - 37,780

9) Keisha Easley

Blog Name - www.weblogbetter.com

Topics - SEO, Writing, Web Design, Make Money Online

Profession - Technical Author, Instructor, Professional Blogger

Alexa Rank (Global) - 133,086

Rank in US - 671,405

10) Jenny Lawson

Blog Name - www.blogggies.com

Profession - Professional Female Blogger, Columnist, Guest Author

Alexa Rank (Global) - 30,015


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