SEO Fundamentals Questions For Newcomers 2015

1) What is Web?

2) What is WWW?

3) What is URL?

4) What is Domain?

5) What is Browser?

6) What is Computer Network?

7) What is Search Engines?

8) What are search engine processes?

9) What is Blogging?

10) How many types of link in SEO?

11) What is PCF?

12) What are PPC tools?

13) What is Directory submission, Bookmarking and Article submission?

14) What is Meta tag and how to generate?

15) How to write the meta tags inside the blogger template?

16) Popular SEO tools

17) Popular forum sites

18) Popular social bookmarking sites

19) What is SEM?

20) What is SEO and what are it benefits?

21) What is PPC?

22) What is Google algorithm?

23) What is On page optimization?

24) What is Off page optimization?

25) What is website analysis?

26) How search engine operate?

27) What is web architecture?

28) What is page rank?

29) What is crawler and what crawler crawls?

30) What are crawler policies?

31) What is server?

32) What is Css?

33) What is link wheel?

34) Popular article submission sites

35) What we do for new client's website?

36) What is Geo-targeting?

37) What is the relation between Facebook and SEO?

38) What is Mobile SEO?

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