Interview With Sara Elia SuriVintage From Italy (Blogger & Writer): Journey Of a Fashion Blogger

Today i am going to introduce the most successful fashion blogger Sara Elia SuriVintage, The Founder of Interview is a great way to know the person, her career, life journey and achievements.

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Interview with Sara Elia SuriVintage  

1) Please tell about yourself?

Ans- I am an Italian fashion blogger. I write for PEACE LOVE and VINTAGE Site. I am very simple person but my specialty is my vintage and alternative style. I love to photograph, mode, make up and art!

2) Tell your story to enter in blogging?

Ans- I created my blog scaturited  my passions and i created it in dark moment of my life for redefine myself.

3) How to get an idea to make your own blog?

Ans- The idea to do my blog was the force of share my thoughts about mode and my personal style.

4) Can blogging is a good career option, what is your view?

Ans- My opinion is blogging can't a good career option but is only a funny hobby for me.

5) Which are your favorite blogs?

Ans- There are none blogs in particular.

6) How much time you spend on social media for your blog?

Ans- I usually spend 15 hours a week on social media for my blog.

7) How much time do you spend for your blog daily?

Ans- one or two hours a day for my blog.

8) Your message for my readers

Ans- The message for your readers is "Show Your Style Everyday, Show Yourself" !

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