Gemstones With Pictures, Planets and Wearing Fingers

This post describes the list of gemstones related to planets and wearing fingers.

gemstones, planets, wearing fingers

Planets          Gemstones                     Weight      Wear in Fingers  

Sun                Ruby (Maanik)                  2 Carats       Gold in Ring Finger

Moon             Pearl (Moti)                       2 Carats       Silver in Little Finger

Mars              Red Coral (Munga)             3 Carats       Gold/Silver in Ring Finger

Mercury         Emerald (Panna)               1.5 Carats     Gold in Little Finger

Jupiter         Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)     2 Carats       Gold in Index Finger

Venus          Diamond (Heera)                  1 Carat       Gold/Silver in Middle Finger

Saturn         Blue Sapphire (Neelam)         2 Carats     Silver in Middle Finger

Rahu          Garnet (Gomed)                     3 Carats     Gold/Silver in Middle Finger

Ketu          Cat's Eye (Lahasunya)             3 Carats     Gold/Silver in Middle Finger

gemstones, planets, wearing fingers


1) Yellow Zircon instead of Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire

2) Clear Zicron or White Zircon instead of Diamond

3) Strengthen Mercury, Wear Emerald or worship of Lord Vishnu

4) If you are not comfortable with Saturn stone (Blue Sapphire) please you could wear dull colors like Brown, Black and also do meditation.

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