Bangalore Real Estate Developers Veering Towards Eco Friendly Homes

Eco friendly houses are a recent trend in the real estate business. Many countries are taking up the green building standards for builders of Eco friendly homes. Even in India, the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has recognized and certified 41 green buildings in Karnataka state and amid that 39 are in Bangalore garden city.

Among the foremost cities, the Bangalore city is one of the warm up metropolitan for Eco friendly and substantial architecture. To provide a combination of healthy living and to realize the importance of greenery based on the concept of environment, Bangalore property developers are slowly turning towards Eco friendly architecture and encouraging recycling usage and reusing of waste material.

Eco friendly houses usually built with an aim of unsoiled environmental and toxic free. Eco friendly concept offers; rain water harvesting provision to air spaces, service core as a buffer area, sky gardens, tropical landscape in the sky gardens, solar panels, wind scoops, natural ventilation, green land spaces and open areas by making use of natural building material, cavity walls for insulation. This mainly reduces the usage of water and power resources. An Eco friendly home lowers the carbon footprints, as well as brings down utility bills and maintenance costs. Thus, Eco friendly homes are not only environment friendly but also money savers. Read More..

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