A billionaire club of canines in Ahmedabad

They don't lead a dog's life! From dry fruit laddus to rotis coated with a thick layer of desi ghee and milk cream, their opulent lifestyle can make anybody envious. These pampered street dogs not only look prosperous, but also are sole residents of land worth more than Rs 150 crore - thanks to an army of pooch lovers in Chandkheda. 

This 99,505 sq yards of land, in Chandkheda Kadva Patidar Bhaag Samast Trust's name, was formed by nine philanthropists 100 years ago. Each person donated a part of his land to help their furry friends. 

The trust is managed by a group of doting businessmen and farmers led by real estate planner Anand Patel, whose father Hasmukh Ambalal sings bhajans to earn money for stray canines. Hasmukh runs a separate trust called Baliyadev Mandal, which seeks donations to feed dogs. Read More...

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