Yeast Infection in Men and Women

Yeast infection is caused by candida and in particular candida Albicans. Yeast is normally present in the human body. However, it is present in very small amount that is quite harmless. However, upon multiplication, yeast grows into uncontrolled levels and starts developing infections. According to scientific studies, yeast is known to grow and thrive well in moist and warm environments. However, other factors such as medication and health issues can result in development and growth of candidiasis.  

Yeast infection can affect different parts of the body. Among the most common parts where yeast infection manifests itself include;

-          Genitals
-          Throat
-          Blood
-          Skin
-          Mouth

Type of Candidiasis

There are different types of candidiasis based on the area in which it manifest in the body. These types include;

Oral Candidiasis

This is a kind of yeast infection that occurs in the mouth or throat. It is also known as thrust or oropharyngeal candidiasis. Thrust is most common among the infants, elderly, chemotherapy patients, and people with HIV/AIDs or other diseases that weaken your body immune system. Also, it can be seen to diabetic patients and others exposed to antibiotics medication. Main symptoms include; white spots in the mouth, redness, sore throat and cracking at mouth corners. Treatment for this condition depends on three factors which include; severity, age, and general overall health.

Vulvovaginal Yeast Infection

This is a kind of infection that manifest itself in the genital areas, especially among the women. It can generally be referred to as yeast infection. Research has shown that three out of four women suffer this condition in the cause of their lives.


Also known as invasive candidiasis, candidemia is a kind of yeast infection that occurs in the blood. It occurs due to excessive concentration of yeast in your bloodstream. Although it is not a common problem, it affects a number of women.

There is another kind of yeast infection that occurs in children. This kind of infection occurs in the bottom region in children and sometimes may be confused with diaper rash. It requires a keen watch to distinguish between the two. 

It is important to visit a doctor for the check to identify which type of yeast infection you are suffering from. Although the symptoms are evident, some other medical complications portray similar symptoms which may create a complicated situation. Ensure to enroll for the right medication based on the state of your condition.

Know Your Neighbourhood – Marathahalli, Bangalore

The locality is also known as Marthalli. Marathahalli is in South East Bangalore, located close to the old airport on HAL. A sleepy village till the 1990s, the locality became self-sufficient following the IT boom. Its proximity to IT hubs like Electronic City, Sarjapur-ORR and Whitefield has led to many industry professionals choosing the locality to buy apartments.

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Doddanekkundi village is also known for two ancient Tamil inscriptions – first one is dated 1304 which mentions the name of the village as Nerkundi and the second inscription is about Hoysala King Ballala III granting the entire revenue of Doddanekkundi village to the Shivagange Temple. There is also a Telugu inscription as well. Scholars use these inscriptions to show that Tamil and Telugu were in use in Bangalore before the reign of Krishnadevaraya of Vijaynagar.

Real Estate
Marathahallihas a booming market in both residential and commercial real estate. According to our results, 2BHK and 3BHK units are the best performing units. Average price of apartments is Rs 4,200 per sq ft.

BMTC buses connect Marathahalli to major areas of Bangalore. Marathahalli Bridge bus stand is at the intersection of Outer Ring Road and Varthur Road. K R Puram Railway Station is the closest railway station and it is about 14 kms away from the locality. The locality is about 45 kms away from the airport. There are regular buses plying through the day from Marathahalli bridge bus stop to the airport.

Narayana E-Techno School, New Horizon Gurukul, HAL East Primary Girls School, Geetanjali Olympiad School are some of the schools here. Hindustan Aviation Academy, New Horizon College of Engineering, Institute of Plantation and Horticulture Management and MVJ College of Education are some of the colleges here. 

Fortis Hospital, Jeevika Hospital, VIMS Super Specialty Hospital are some of the hospitals in the locality.

Social Infrastructure
Bangalore’s first multiplex, Innovative Multiplex, is located here.There are a large number of clothes stores, shopping malls, supermarkets like Total Mall, Brand Factory, Staples etc in this area. Retail products sell at a cheaper rate here compared to most of the city. The locality has many pubs and restaurants. 

Munnekolala Lake at 15.38 acres is the largest of the Chinnappanahalli lakes. ISRO’s Satellite Integration and Testing Establishment is located in Doddanekkundi.

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Article written by: Anita Kurup

Anita is a content professional for the past 15 years and has worked in both traditional and digital media. She transitioned to digital media early on in its advent in India. She will never say no to toddler-proof keyboards and caffeine. 

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