Where you can still use your old Rs 500 notes

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You can still use your Rs 500 notes in the following places -

1) Payments towards prepaid mobile top up to a limit Rs 500 per top-up.

2) Purchase from consumer cooperative stores will be limited to Rs 5000 at a time.

3) Fees in central or state government colleges.

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4) Payments of school fees up to Rs 2,000 per student in central or state government, municipality and local body schools.

5) Foreigners will be permitted to exchange their currency up to Rs 5000 per week.

6) Payments of current and arrear dues to utilities will be limited to only water and electricity for indivisuals and households.

7) Toll payment at toll plazas to be made through old Rs 500 notes from 3/12/2016 to 15/12/2016.

8) Government hospitals

9) Railway Tickets

10) Public Transport 

11) Crematoria / Burial grounds

12) Petrol Pumps

13) Metro rail tickets

14) Medicine prescribed by a doctor

15) LPG gas cylinders

16) Railway Catering

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17) Entry tickets of ASI Monument

18) Consumer Cooperative stores

19) Airline tickets at airports

20) Milk booths

21) Taxes and penalties to government bodies court fees 

22) Seeds at state-owned outlets

Enjoy all things Bollywood at Bollywood Parks DUBAI

Bollywood PARKS™ DUBAI is the first Dubai theme park in the world that is dedicated to all things Bollywood.

Prepare to encounter action and adventure, romance and comedy, music and dance, and a whole lot of flavour – Bollywood style! – for the duration of your visit at this fun and fabulous theme park.

Comprising of five zones, which we will explore in this little guide, Bollywood PARKS™ DUBAI celebrates Mumbai’s legendary film industry through a number of Bollywood buster-inspired zones, live entertainment, stage performances and cinematic rides.

Want to know more? 

Bollywood Boulevard

At Bollywood Boulevard you will be able to lose yourself in a vast selection of entertainment options, cafes, street-style food carts, and retail stores.

This zone is designed to dazzle and awe you, and gives you an insight into the what goes on behind the camera and the bright lights.

You can get a glimpse behind-the-scenes of a Bollywood movie production at Cinemagic featuring Zindagi Na MilegiDobara, enjoy a delicious meal at Rock On!!, a stylish restaurant with live music, and enjoy a flamboyant song and dance performance at Crossroads.

Mumbai Chowk

Mumbai is known as being the city of dreams and glamour, in addition to being the home of Bollywood itself.

You can see a little piece of Mumbai at Mumbai Chowk, a zone that is inspired by the modern classic Don.

Mumbai Chowk brings alive the soul of Mumbai, and give you the opportunity to get in on the action at Don: The Chase – where you join the dangerous world of Interpol agents and help them chase a slippery mafia boss, and enjoy the Mumbai Express – a chugging train that has been an ever-present image in many a Bollywood film.

Rustic Ravine

Picture a colourful village landscape of Rural India, that is what you will find a replica of when you wonder through Rustic Ravine.

You will be transported to the authentic hustle and bustle of middle India where you will experience the chaos of the streets and the aura of what it would be like standing there in the flesh.

For those who like to get in on a bit of the action, the Dabangg: Stunt Spectacular Show will give you just that. You can enjoy Bollywood songs and dance, while the action unfolds in front of you.

What’s more, you can step right into a rural celebration with Lagaan: Champaner Cricket Carnival, where there are a number of fun and exciting games to keep everyone entertained.

Royal Plaza

The Royal Plaza allows you to visit and enjoy a different era and enjoy the opulence and splendour that it provides.

Right at the very centre of the Royal Plaza is the Rajmahal Theatre, which acts as the heart and soul of Bollywood Parks™ DUBAI, as well as an iconic landmark in itself.

The Rajmahal Theatre will play host to the regions first ever Broadway-style Bollywood musical that will include song and dance and a whole lot of entertainment.

Bollywood Film Studios featuring Hall of Heroes

Another zone that offers the utmost shopping, dining and entertainment experiences, Bollywood Film Studios featuring Hall of Heroes is the place to wine and dine, shop until you drop and indulge in an array of awesome entertainment – as well as the place to meet some Bollywood Heroes!

Pop into the Rangmanch – an open-air venue – where you can see a number of village-style song and dance performances on stage, or soar through the skies with Krrish: Hero’s Flight which is a 4D flying ride that give you panoramic views of India’s landmarks in addition to taking part in an epic battle to save the Earth from an alien invasion!

Bollywood Parks™ Dubai offers you and other visitors a window into India’s amazing entertainment industry in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

Reliance JioFi 4G portable hotspot available at Indian Market

Reliance is planning to make a big footstep over the telecom industry. The company recent launched its Jio 4G services with biggest and cheapest traffic plans and the availability of the JioFi portable Wi-Fi hotspot at market. The device's price is Rs 1,999 and comes with free calls and internet access offer till December 31, 2016.

Reliance JioFi can support 10 wi-fi enabled devices and one via USB. It has an OLED display that provides information about network strength, power, wi-fi status and more. Multiple users can access the Jio 4G internet through this device and create personal wi-fi hotspots.

This device also supported HD voice calls and messaging via Jio4GVoice app. It is backed by a 2,300 mAh battery that deliver upto 6 hours of life.

You can purchase the device from nearest Reliance Retail, Reliance Digital or Digital Xpress Ministore along with valid proof of address and identity (both original and photocopy) and also a passport-size photo.

9 New Developments in Indian Railways

The nine new developments in Indian Railways.

1) Deen Dayalu Coaches

To improve the travelling experience in general class, Railway roll out its first modern unreserved coach Deen Dayalu with lots of facilities like potable drinking water, mobile charging points and bio-toilets to be used in mail and express trains.

2) Executive Lounges

IRCTC have collaborated with ssp catering India to set up a 5 star waiting lounges for the passengers at NDLS.

IRCTC's executive lounges has tied up with Leela Palace and other hotels & travel working sites at a reasonable price.

3) Gatimaan Express

Heralding a new era of semi-high speed trains (also called Gatimaan Express) which will cover the 200 km distance between Delhi and Agra in 100 minutes.

Trains are equipped with a 5,500 HP electric locomotive, 2 executive AC chair cars and 8 AC chair car coaches with a high power breaking system, automatic fire alarm, GPS- based passenger information system and sliding doors in the coaches.

4) CNG Train

The first CNG train was launched on the Rewari-Rohtak section of Northern Zone.

CNG Train will reduce a green house gas emission by the railways and also the consumption of diesel. Indian Railways have modified the 1,400 HP engine to run on dual fuel-diesel and CNG-through fumigation technology.

5) Privatization of Catering in Trains

Start up like TravelKhana, A Noida based start up is striving to ensure that train passengers get to eat the food of their liking and from restaurants of their choosing.

6) Talgo: A Step Towards Bullet Train Dreams

The Indian Railways introduced Spanish Talgo, a light train consuming 30 percent less energy and the train consists of 2 executive class cars, 4 chair cars, a cafeteria, a power car and a tail-end for staff and equipment.

7) Operation Five Minutes

The operation augment services at stations to bring down the maximum time taken for buying a ticket at counters to 5 minutes.

8) Project Nilgiri

Indian Railways have collaborated Google to came up with project Nilgiri.

The project aims to set up wifi hotspots at around 400 railway stations in India. Passengers may get facility for free after mobile number verification through a one-time password sent over sms.

9) Bio Toilets 

The Railway has set a target to install bio toilets in all coaches to ensure the entire rail network as zero discharge zone by 2019.

  source: economictimes.indiatimes.com 

13 Most-Visit Websites on Internet You May Not Know About

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There are billions of websites on internet and more come up on a daily basis.

Here's a list of 13 most-visit websites you may not known about..


1) Mailinator.com

2) Privnote.com

3) Disposablewebpage.com

4) SImplyNoise and ASoftMurmur

5) ManualSlib.com

6) Newsmap.jp

7) AccountKiller.com

8) TwoFoods.com

9) Zamzar.com

10) Pdfunlock.com

11) Savr.com

12) Printfriendly.com

13) Spreeder.com

Google's New Privacy Tool To Block Ads Across Devices

Google is planning to make it easier and safer to manage the vast area of information that it collects about your online activities across phones, computers as well as other devices.

Image source: searchengineland.com 

A new privacy tool will enable the more than 1 billion people who use Google's search engine and other devices to block certain ads from appearing on devices.

Google also in introducing 'My Activity' feature that will enable users to delete records of their online search requests and videos watched on youtube in a single location instead of having to visit different apps or websites.

Previously Google also opened a 'My Account' hub to serve as a one-stop shop for setting privacy and security controls, if they choose, user will now be able to authorize Google to store their web browsing histories in the 'My Account' center.

How to Attract Millennials to Your Real Estate Property?

As one of the largest generations in terms of numbers, millennials are slowly becoming a major target market in the housing business. Despite the general impression, not all of them choose a rented loft in the city and a bike ride to work over a house with a white picket fence in the suburb. In fact, recent studies show that millennials are already occupying almost one third of the homebuyers group. But, in order to attract this seemingly indifferent generation to your real estate, you need to understand that their wish lists are quite different than their parents’ were.

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Read below to see how your property can meet the millennials’ expectations.

Is Your Real Estate Property Eco-Friendly?

It is no secret that this generation is very ecologically conscious. That being said, your first goal should be to make your house more environmentally friendly. From low-VOC finishes and added insulation, to energy-efficient appliances, low flow toilets, and water-saving shower heads. The more green features you incorporate into your home, the more potential buyers you are likely to attract. Other smaller (but equally effective) touches include providing recycle bins and replacing all incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving ones.

Market Your Neighbourhood

Millennials have modern, technology-driven, hectic lifestyles. So, their major concern is to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. It is not a surprise then that the neighbourhood they live in matters a great deal to them. What this means to you is that the proximity of supermarkets, schools, hospitals, and motorway exits is what sells a house. If your property is conveniently located in relation to these hotspots, make sure to point that out.

Image 1: https://stocksnap.io/photo/02FAEBOQ2G

How About Outdoor Recreation Opportunities?

Statistically speaking, millennials are much more active than older generations. Additionally, their preferred form of recreation is any outdoor activity, be it biking, jogging, hiking, or simple strolling. Following up on the above mentioned, if your property is located near any parks, trails, lakes, rivers, or any other outdoor recreation locations that can accommodate their active lifestyle, build your marketing strategy around that point. While millennials gravitate towards cities for entertainment, they equally appreciate nature when it comes to recreation.

Sell an Investment, Not a Fairy Tale

Millennials are primarily nomads and entrepreneurs by nature. While the generation of Baby Boomers was looking for a place to settle down and live happily ever after with their picture-perfect families, this generation is looking for something different. They are not interested in stories about Papa Bear, Mama Bear and wee Baby Bear. They want to know if the property they are buying is a good investment. They want to know if it can be renovated and flipped for a nice profit (if they decide to sell it).

Advertise Online

One defining characteristic of the millennial generation is that they spend 99% of their time online. Websites, personal blogs, social networks – these are all excellent places for listing your real estate property if you want to make it more visible for this tech-savvy target group.

Image 2: https://stocksnap.io/photo/BM2OM50PLO

Break Out of the Mould

There is no need to stage your home too much for these people. And forget about luxury. After all, they are the ones who buy their furniture at flea markets and their clothes at thrift stores. Instead, add character to the space with a few simple, yet unique touches. Include details such as vintage wallpapers, upcycled pieces of furniture, one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures, decorative concrete pavers, or an exotic herb garden. They will not cost you much, but they will make a world of difference to a millennial home buyer.

This is the period when Millennials are active on the real estate market, whether for renting or buying, they are currently your largest target audience. So, how Millennial-oriented is your property?

Health and Astrological Benefits of Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst gemstone offers good benefits for health and mind and this gem provides similar benefits as tourmaline, such as the far-infrared radiation and negative ion emission.

Amethyst is the rarest form of quartz and its a fairly hard gem has six sides and can be found all across the globe.

The crystals have been used for a variety of health issues throughout the ages, staring from alcohol addiction, sleep disorder and pain to mental dysfunction.

The following health benefits for the human body by Amethyst gemstone.

1) Cell regeneration

2) Sleep support

3) Blood Circulation

4) Fluid Motility

5) Mood support

6) Antioxidant activity

7) Wound support

8) Bacteria fighter

9) Removing Toxic Particles 

10) Respiratory support

11) Removing Aerosol

Astrological benefits from Amethyst gemstone

1) Amethyst helps amazing in overcoming alcohol addiction.

2) This gemstone is the alternative of blue sapphire gemstone and has the astrological powers of Saturn. Saturn rules over the sign of Aquarius and Capricorn and anyone can wear the amethyst gemstone after the proper analysis of their birth chart.

3) It helps in meditation and enhancing the inner quality, directly impact to crown chakra.

4) In general it is considered as the February birthstone as per astrology Amethyst is a healing gemstone that helps in breaking negative life patterns.

5) The amethyst gemstone is used in curing stomach pain and back pain in China.

6) This gemstone has tremendous spiritual value and keep in balancing of chakras.

7) It helps in controlling inferiority complex.

Namotel Acche Din Android Smartphone at Rs 99

Bangalore-based Namotel company has launched the world's cheapest android smartphone at just Rs 99.

This Acche Din smartphone beats Freedom251 and Docoss X1 which were priced Rs 251 and Rs 888 respectively.

Namotel Acche Din smartphone features a 4 inch display, runs on android 5.1 lollipop, is powered by 1.3 GHz quad-core processor along with 1 GB RAM and supports dual SIM.

It also features a 4 GB internal storage, 3G connectivity, 2mp rear and a VGA front camera.

Here is the process of booking the smartphone online -

1) Log on to Namotel official website www.namotel.com

2) Select the button 'Book'

3) Enter the Name, Address and Mobile Number  as per instructions

4) Submit the correct details to proceed

5) Make payment for the mobile as per guidelines

There is also the option of Cash on Delivery

Snacks That Are Fat Burner!

Snacks that come with right ratio of nutrients and calories helps keep you energized and lose weight. Exercise and protein team together to promote lean muscle mass, increase calorie burn and boosts metabolic rate. Here are few recipes that are even good for fat loss.
Miso Glazed Tofu
This can be used as main course too, however it is light in calories i.e. only 164 only and it’s best for midday snacking with 12 g of protein and 3 g of fiber.
A cup of it or boiled soybeans has 8 g or fiber, 17 g of protein and 189 calories. It is a perfect snack for cold and hot season.


Chicken Sandwich In Pita

There isn’t any reason behind eating smaller portions of whole food. Usually the balanced and healthiest snacks are those that can be considered as complete meals such as half sandwich and last night leftover. Whip a chicken in veggie pita and split it into half to make two snack servings. Each contains 200 calories, 20 g protein and 3 g of fiber.
Cauliflower in White Bean Dip
Make batch of roasted garlic dip and white bean and spread it on crackers to eat it with veggies. Pair up a quarter cup serving with 2 cups raw chopped cauliflower. It has 11 g of protein, 8 g of fiber and it has only 199 calories.
Pear And Walnut Spread on A Toast
Split this breakfast recipe into half and have the remaining one for mid day snack with 200 calories, 11 g of protein and 3.5 g of fiber. It will help to prepare your body to burn fat, as well as it boost your energy level so you can easily go to gym. Walnuts are full of serotonin hormone that helps to produce good feeling chemicals in brain.

Tomatoes in Lentil Salad with Water Cress
Salads are not only for meal time, especially when they have 200 calories they are the best afternoon snack. This one offer 8 g of fiber, 11 g of protein and a super food like lentil and ample of veggies.


Protein bar

While choosing energy bars, choose that offer less than 200 calories, 10 g of protein and at least 5 g fiber.

Veggie tostata

With this Mexican style food you cannot be wrong if you take black beans with veggies. This is a quick recipe and suits perfectly for mini-meal between lunch and dinner. At only 200 calories you get 10.5 g of fiber and 13 g of protein. To add some fat free flavor spread some tomato salsa on it. Here you will find more tips with John barban venus factor program

Know Your Neighbourhood – Sarjapur, Bangalore

Sarjapur is in the south-east of Bangalore and the Sarjapura-Attibele Road is located in its west. Sarjapur is a rapidly developing locality primarily due to its proximity to IT cluster areas like Whitefield, Electronic City, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli and Koramangala and the presence of IT/ITES companies like Infosys and Wipro. The locality is also home to Billapura Lake. The areas around the locality are Chikkadunnasandra, Gudighattanahalli, Chichuraganapalli, and Ittangur.

                         Image Credits: sarjapur-road.com

Real Estate
Apartments dominate residential real estate here. Average price of apartments is Rs 3,900 per sq. ft. Average price of independent houses is Rs5,000 per sq. ft. Average rate of residential plots is Rs 2,500 per sq. ft. 2BHK and 3BHK are the most popular housing units in the locality. 4BHK units are also quite popular with home buyers.

Sarjapur has an effective public transport infrastructure.The Sarjapura-Attibele Road connects the locality to Whitefield. It meets Kanyakumari Road at Attibele, connecting Sarjapurto Electronic City, Koramangala, and Marathahalli. Sarjapur’snearness to ChikkaTirupathi Road adds connectivity to Hoskote, to Devanahalli and Doddaballapura.BMTC buses ply through Sarjapura Police Station Bus Stop.Carmelaram Railway Station, located 11 kmsfrom Sarjapur, helps connect the localityto Bangalore City Junction Railway Station, 30 kms from Sarjapur, facilitating travel to manySouth Indian cities as well as rest of the country. The Kempegowda International Airport is located 61 kms from Sarjapur – and can be reached through the Bangalore-Hyderabad Highway.

Oakridge International School, Greenwood High International School, Inventure Academy, and Primus Public School are some of the famous schools in the locality. Krupanidhi Colleges, Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore Technological Institute, St John’s College of Nursing, ITM Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore College of Engineering and Technology, and Xavier Institute of Managament and Entrepreneurship are some of the colleges here.

St. John's Medical College and Hospital, Greenview Medical Centre, Janani Hospital and Devi Eye Hospital, are some of the healthcare centres in Sarjapur.

Social Infrastructure
Sarjapurhas popular malls, apparel stores,groceries and hardware stores. The locality has several hotels and restaurants.Bescom Office, Sub-Registrar Office, Sarjapur Post Office, and Sarjapura Police Station are located here. A strong social and commercial infrastructure in and around the localitywill push up real estate values.

Looking to buy your new home or perhaps a good rental investment?RoofandFloor has great listings for projects in Sarjapur Road. Your dream property is just a click away.

Article written by: Anita Kurup

Anita is a content professional for the past 15 years and has worked in both traditional and digital media. She transitioned to digital media early on in its advent in India. She will never say no to toddler-proof keyboards and caffeine. 

Yeast Infection in Men and Women

Yeast infection is caused by candida and in particular candida Albicans. Yeast is normally present in the human body. However, it is present in very small amount that is quite harmless. However, upon multiplication, yeast grows into uncontrolled levels and starts developing infections. According to scientific studies, yeast is known to grow and thrive well in moist and warm environments. However, other factors such as medication and health issues can result in development and growth of candidiasis.  

Yeast infection can affect different parts of the body. Among the most common parts where yeast infection manifests itself include;

-          Genitals
-          Throat
-          Blood
-          Skin
-          Mouth

Type of Candidiasis

There are different types of candidiasis based on the area in which it manifest in the body. These types include;

Oral Candidiasis

This is a kind of yeast infection that occurs in the mouth or throat. It is also known as thrust or oropharyngeal candidiasis. Thrust is most common among the infants, elderly, chemotherapy patients, and people with HIV/AIDs or other diseases that weaken your body immune system. Also, it can be seen to diabetic patients and others exposed to antibiotics medication. Main symptoms include; white spots in the mouth, redness, sore throat and cracking at mouth corners. Treatment for this condition depends on three factors which include; severity, age, and general overall health.

Vulvovaginal Yeast Infection

This is a kind of infection that manifest itself in the genital areas, especially among the women. It can generally be referred to as yeast infection. Research has shown that three out of four women suffer this condition in the cause of their lives.


Also known as invasive candidiasis, candidemia is a kind of yeast infection that occurs in the blood. It occurs due to excessive concentration of yeast in your bloodstream. Although it is not a common problem, it affects a number of women.

There is another kind of yeast infection that occurs in children. This kind of infection occurs in the bottom region in children and sometimes may be confused with diaper rash. It requires a keen watch to distinguish between the two. 

It is important to visit a doctor for the check to identify which type of yeast infection you are suffering from. Although the symptoms are evident, some other medical complications portray similar symptoms which may create a complicated situation. Ensure to enroll for the right medication based on the state of your condition.

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