Lenovo Vibe S1: World's First Phone with Two Front Cameras

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The mobile maker 'Lenovo' launched the world's first mobile which has surprisingly  two front cameras, one is of 8 mp and other one is of 2 mp.

In Lenovo vibe s1, one camera captures the image and the other one adds depth of field to the image by blurring it's back ground.

According to specifications, this phone comes with Android L5.0 and it's being powered by a 64 octacore processor. It has got 3 MB of Ram and the best part is it has internal storage of 32 GB and Can also add an Micro SD card.

The rear camera provides a resolution of 13 mp with dual tone flash. It has got a battery of 5000 MAh along with fast charging capacity.

Bollywood Actors Who Show "Impossible is Nothing"

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Life is not always easy but it gets a little better if you believe in yourself. For those who dream, sky is the limit. Bollywood Actors have time and again proved that your miseries and short comings means nothing if you can dream big with strong determination. here are a few Rags to Riches Stories from Bollywood which tell us 'Impossible is Nothing'.

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Looking To Invest In Real Estate? Here Are 5 Residential Cities You Should Definitely Consider

Are you looking to invest in real estate to earn considerable returns? Well, then you must definitely consider these 5 cities.
Investing in real estate is always a risky proposition. Apart from the capital, a real estate investment also requires you to consider a number of other factors like the location of the property, how the market condition is, legal issues if any and so on.
To make the entire process easier for you, we have compiled a list of top 5 cities that offer the best returns on your investment.
1.     Hyderabad
Hyderabad witnessed a whopping drop of 30% in the number of new property launches in 2014, which resulted in realtors incurring huge losses. The drastic fall occurred because the emergence of residential projects in the city surpassed the demand. This fall has had huge repercussions on the real estate scenario in the city with the cost of properties reaching a new low. So, if your plan is to invest in a house the market’s volatility can work for your gain as you could practically buy a premium residential property at a cut-price deal. Once the market goes to self-correct mode, you can sell off the property for a great profit.
2.     Delhi-NCR
The National Capital Region has seen immense development over the past few years. This is due to the easy availability of housing and employment opportunities. The completion of the Greater Noida and Dwarka Expressway, along with the metro corridor has considerably improved the city’s connectivity to all the major hubs in the region. With no foreseeable stop to the pace of development, a lot can be gained if you choose to investment in Delhi-NCR
     3. Mumbai
The economic capital of India, Mumbai is one of the hottest prospects when it comes to real estate investment. Although the city of dreams is considered to be highly congested, key areas like Bandra, Mulund, Chembur, Kanjur Marg, and Lower Parel  offer a lot of profitable investment avenues. So, if you are considering investing in a residential property, Mumbai should top the list as the returns guaranteed will be unmatched.
    4. Chennai
It comes as a bit of a surprise that several real estate experts and commenters are vouching for the real estate feasibility of Chennai. According to a recent research, Chennai’s real estate market has seen a constant appreciation over the last few years. The rental house rates have also decreased by about 9% from 25% to 16%  in the last year alone. So make it a point to check out the investment options available in Chennai before you take any decision.
    5. Pune
Pune rounds off the Top 5 list of residential cities to invest in. Courtesy of the booming IT industry, the Maharashtrian city has welcomed middle and upper-class employees with open arms. With good infrastructure and affordable market rates, Pune promises to offer high returns on your real estate investment. With more and more IT crowd coming in, the government has also flagged off new civic infrastructure projects. So, this is your best opportunity to break your savings to get extremely high returns.

These are the top 5 cities in India which currently offer the scope for high returns on your real estate investment. So, get your cheque books out and secure your future with a well-timed and carefully planned investment in these aforementioned cities. In case, you are looking to know more about the investment opportunities and base prices in these cities be sure to visit commonfloor.com.

A checklist to keep before looking for cheap rented apartment

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A new city means a new house, a household and a great deal of initial hiccups. It can be about not getting the appropriate apartment that suits your price range or the neighborhood being too loud. In most of the cases where people look for flats on rent in Mumbai or other metro cities, the choices remain limited owing to the preferences they carry. However, Grabhouse.com, India’s first broker free housing portal shares a checklist that can help in making better decisions while choosing a flat on rent.

There are few things that you should keep in mind while selecting an apartment to live in, based on your preference and affordability.

While it is true that based on our assumptions, we try to select places whose rentals are on the higher side because they will be clean and not a dump. However, if you try to find a little harder, you may end up with a list of apartments which is available at basic and affordable rates, are clean and have all the amenities. The apartment rent may be low because the owner might have decided so.
Since all of us are now dependent on internet search engines for anything that we need to know or find out, it is better to look for houses or flats in Mumbai or other cities in websites that are verified by real estate owners or other authentic sources. Take this step to avoid getting into any kind of scams or other legal issues pertaining to the apartment you wish to take up on rent. Always check from resources like tenants who have already lived in the apartment or some other resources.

Real estate experts also suggest that it is better to take a walk through the building and apartment complex when you are in the premises to check the flat. It will help in getting a better understanding of how the surrounding are, if the parking space provided with the flat is good, etc. One might prefer a relatively silent neighbourhood but the apartment might be located in a busy neighbourhood. This will help in making better choices.

It is always better to inspect the interiors of the house before you decide to actually take it up on rent. The house may require repair work or you may require somethings that the owner has to include. While inspecting the house, make sure to take along a friend or a family member so that both of you can conduct a thorough inspection and check everything.

After you have decided the house which you want to take on rent, make a quick enquiry about the additional costs that might have to be paid by you. These may include the utility charges such as electricity bills, water bill, apartment maintenance charges, parking fee and other charges. The owner may not include them in the rent amount but you may be required to pay them separately. Some of the apartments also charge moving charges and elevator fees, which might be included in the lease or rental agreements provided for the flats and apartments on rent in Mumbai. It is, therefore, always better to read through the documents carefully before signing them and get clarifications on such kinds of charges before taking up the place.
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